Pakistan’s poor run in the recently concluded Asia Cup 2018 has drawn criticism from all corners. Nobody expected such sub-par performance from the ‘Green Shirts’ considering their rich form. Pakistan’s batting maestro, Javed Miandad has revealed a remedy for these poor performances.

Miandad has urged Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to prolong its domestic cricket season to six months and ensure all national players’ participation in the circuit.

“PCB should focus at grass root level after Asia Cup debacle,” he said. “The board must ensure that top players participate in domestic one-day tournament, which should be played over the period of six months,” Miandad added.

Miandad further went on to lash out at Pakistan’s fielding, terming the players as similar to club-level players practicing on the field. “If our players are dropping such easy catches then I am sorry to say they do not deserve to be in the team,” he said.